Portland is bursting at the seams with delicious cuisine and local restaurants, but what if you want to stay home and still enjoy those same delicious flavors and local ingredients from your own dining table? One Portland couple saw an open opportunity in the Portland Metro area when it came to local food prep and delivery so, in true entrepreneurial fashion, they decided to fill it.

Locally Grown, Owned and Operated

Created in 2011 by husband and wife duo, G. Scott Brown and Dré Slaman, Farm to Fit is a locally owned and operated meal prep and delivery service feeding happy customers in Portland and the surrounding areas from Vancouver, Washington, all the way down to Salem. What began as a way to fill a void in their own lives quickly became the staple for healthy meal prep and delivery.

Meal prep and meal delivery services were around, but the recipes were bland, the flavors were boring, and if you weren’t trying to count macros, the plan options were limited. The meals at Farm to Fit are quite the opposite. With locally sourced products and a recipe book of over 500 recipes, these meals are anything but boring.

Fit for Every Lifestyle

Not only is the food delicious, but their plans are also extremely inclusive and tailored to fit just about any lifestyle or dietary need. With plans like Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, and Diabetes-friendly, you are sure to find something that works for you!

If you are ready to take your first bite, head to their website and choose how many meals and what portion sizes you want. You can choose to stay within one of their many meal plans, or just pick straight from their bi-weekly delivery menus. Once you’ve chosen your meals, you enter your delivery or pick-up location and wait to receive your meals in an insulated cooler bag on Wednesdays and Sundays, or Mondays and Thursdays depending on the county you live in. And then the next time you’re hungry you just heat, serve, and enjoy life!

Making a Difference

Farm to Fit is a certified plastic neutral product, so not only are you fueling your body every time you eat one of their meals, but you are also making a difference in communities outside of your own. Their sustainability journey starts at the very beginning and is carried out through every step of the process. From sustainably sourcing ingredients to a always making sure to minimize their carbon footprint through equipment and facilities, Farm to Fit want to make sure you to eat well and feel good from the inside out.

Find out what is on this week’s menu and learn more about the Portland company by visiting www.farmtofit.com. Bon appetite!