According to, the city of Portland comes in at #23 as the Best Place to live in 2022. While affordability comes into a play, there were several other factors that came into play.

Other factors such as diversity, job opportunities, safety, wellness were considered. As well as who is moving there, how it feels, and how much does it cost.

As the biggest city in Oregon, the draw for Portland is the job opportunities. With major companies such as NIKE, Boeing, The Standard and Columbia, career opportunities attract talent to the area. The relaxed, outdoor lifestyle and food seems to be a magnet for young professionals and families.

Incase you are wondering, below is the top 25 Best Places to Live in 2022 List:

  1. Raleigh, NC
  2. Charleston, NC
  3. Austin, TX
  4. Oklahoma City, OK
  5. Tampa, FL
  6. Boise, ID
  7. Providence, RI
  8. Minneapolis, MN
  9. Cincinnati, OH
  10. Jacksonville, FL
  11. Columbus, OH
  12. Kansas City, MO
  13. Grand Rapids, MI
  14. Tucson, AZ
  15. Indianapolis, IN
  16. Sacramento, CA
  17. Denver, CO
  18. Nashville, TN
  19. San Antonio, TX
  20. Atlanta, GA
  21. Ogden, UT
  22. Colorado Springs, CO
  23. Portland, OR
  24. Houston, TX
  25. Seattle, WA