Cedarwood students are curious and engaged critical thinkers and doers who care about creating a better world. Over 250 students in pre-kindergarten through grade 8 are nurtured by developmentally thoughtful pedagogy, with hands-on experiences both in the classroom and off-campus.

Located just minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon, in the historic Lair Hill Neighborhood, Cedarwood Waldorf School’s curriculum weaves together the arts, academics, and movement to bring learning to life. From early childhood through the completion of eight grade, students are met with openness and possibility, given time to develop resiliency, and taught skills to turn challenges into opportunities.

Cedarwood is an independent school founded on the principles of Waldorf education, and has been helping children develop a richly well-rounded set of skills, creativity, inner strength and capability, and connection to community since 1997.

Cedarwood classrooms are tight-knit and diverse communities in which each student is seen and valued as an important member of the group. Students get to know each other’s strengths and differences. They support each other in striving to become better students, artists, musicians, performers, teammates, and community members.

When one student struggles, the whole class take up the work of seeing them through.

For more information or to set up a tour visit www.Cedarwoodschool.org or call 503.245.1477