By: Danette LaChapelle, Sr. VP of Marketing & Chief Communications Officer, iQ Credit Union

Welcome to the neighborhood! The Pacific Northwest has always been a destination for wanderers and explorer. iQ is here to support new members as they start to embark on their new financial adventure.

Today, the Pacific Northwest continues to attract the masses. People flock to the region to in search of new passions, new friends, and new adventures. iQ is here to help the new generation of adventure seekers with the financial services they needs to make the most of like in the Portland area today and plan for financial security in the future. Many of those explorers planting their roots in Washington and Oregon can call on iQ Credit Union to help them become part of the community and give them the financial services they need to live and work in the Pacific Northwest.

New Discoveries for Everyone

Who said Portland is only filled with gloomy skies and rain? Maybe for a few months out of the year, but this region offers lush greenery, fresh air, and plenty of outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, river rafting, rock climbing, camping and much more. Check out the Cascade Range, which offers dramatic scenery and some of the most beautiful hiking trails, rivers, lakes and waterfalls in the country – 238 to be exact!

The Pacific Northwest also has become a destination of a spectrum of food lovers. Enjoy fresh, farm to table spaces, food cart areas filled with so many carts and even eateries that have received the coveted James Beard Award – taste buds won’t know what to decide.

This area also produces some of the world’s best wines, including world-class pinot noir, and has an ever-expanding craft microbrewery scene filled with all the trending flavors that could be imagined. Don’t get us started on the coffee scene – just know there are plenty of ways to caffeinate.

Most of all, the Pacific Northwest has terrific people. There’s a laid back vibe. Everyone takes things a little slower, a little easier. Neighbors will flock in flannel shirts and hiking boots in the aisles of the supermarket as well as on the hiking trails. It’s done a little differently here, and iQ Credit Union celebrates that unique spirit. Every here is free to be themselves.

Part of the Community

Our region’s locals are friendly, making it easy to fit in and feel right at home. iQ Credit Union has been serving its members for more than 80 years. iQ is passionate about its members and its community, offering financial services that go well beyond everyday finances and building lifelong relationships with its members and their families.

iQ helps its members become part of the community with reginal events, education services, scholarships, and more. The credit union’s mission is to help members live their best life in the Pacific Northwest with home loans, small business loans, retirement planning, insurance, and other services.

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest, origin of iQ’s signature red buffalo plaid. Let’s start exploring together.

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