Article by: Jason Mueller

What Are Your Options When Relocating To or From Portland?

There are so many reasons to move to Portland, Oregon, from its lively cultural scene and 7,500 acres of parkland to its dependable public transport links and expanding economy. However, the process of preparing a move to Portland is often a long and tricky one.

Not only do you need to consider the best schools for your children and the most ideal neighborhoods to move to, but you also have to think about how you’re going to physically move all of your possessions to The City of Roses. The same challenges apply if you’re leaving the city behind.

In either case, this guide should make the process a little easier, as we’ll outline the various options you can use for moving to or from Portland.

How Do You Move To or From Portland?

Whether you’re making a move to Portland or leaving it behind, you’ve got a few different moving options to choose from. Here are the most common ways to relocate in and out of Portland:

1. Full-Service Transportation

If you want to enjoy the easiest and most stress-free relocation to or from Portland, it’s best to hire a full-service moving company like Three Movers. A company like this can take all the hassle out of moving, ensuring that all of your furniture and possessions make it to your new home safely and efficiently.

A full-service provider can take care of almost all aspects of packing and transporting your items, including:

  1. Supplying packing materials – Before packing up all your clothes, cookware, and decorative items, you’ll usually need to find and buy packing materials such as boxes and bubble wrap. A moving company can handle that for you. They’ll source and supply all the necessary materials you need, including boxes and tape, saving you a lot of time and hassle.
  2. Packing – Not only will a provider give you the materials you need to pack things, but they can also send employees to your property to assist with the packing process. Plus, these individuals are highly experienced with packing, so they know how to safely seal and protect even the most delicate of items.
  3. Transportation – After packing, your moving partner will then load all of your boxes, bags, and large items onto trucks. Everything is placed with great care to minimize the risks of bumps and damages along the way. From there, the company will transport all of your possessions to your new home, either in Portland or elsewhere.
  4. Unpacking – Upon arrival at your new property, the company won’t simply leave all the unpacking to you. They’ll take all of your possessions out of the moving trucks, once more taking great care to safeguard your valuables. They’ll then move everything into the new home and can help to place it in the designated rooms and spaces you prefer.

2. Renting Moving Containers

Another method of moving to or from Portland is with the aid of rental containers, or moving boxes. Renting the containers is pretty straightforward, but you’ll need to do all of the actual packing and moving on your own, without any professional assistance.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find a rental company that can supply you with boxes and containers.
  2. Work out how many and what size of boxes you need and place your order.
  3. Wait for your containers to arrive, then get to work packing up your possessions.

Packing a whole house’s worth of belongings into boxes can take a lot of time. Plus, if you haven’t got much experience, you might pack things incorrectly which could lead to avoidable damages.

Not only that, but you’ll still need to figure out transportation to your new home. This might involve renting a truck and driving it yourself, or hiring a company to assist with the transportation. However, unless you work with a full-service provider, you’ll still need to do the loading and unloading on your own.

3. Doing It Yourself

The final option is the 100% DIY method, in which you handle absolutely every aspect of the move on your own. That means you’ll need to find your own packing materials, pack everything, get a vehicle to transport it all, load everything on, drive to or from Portland, unload, and unpack.

Of course, you might be able to call on the assistance of friends or family to help with the move. But, even with a helping hand from your friends, siblings, or parents, this process can still be extremely difficult, and there are lots of things that can go wrong.

For instance, if you don’t have the right equipment, it could be dangerous to lift and load heavy items like beds and fridges onto your vehicle. People often get injured when trying to pack and load things on their own, and there’s a risk of the items themselves being damaged en route due to poor packing.

In addition, despite seeming like the cheapest option, the DIY method may present hidden costs you hadn’t expected. For example, you might not have a big enough vehicle for everything, so you could have to make multiple trips to and from Portland, leading to high gas costs.

What to Look For in a Moving Company for Your Portland Relocation

After adding up all the pros and cons, the best method is clearly to hire a full-service moving company. They’ll do all the hard work for you, providing so much peace of mind. Although, you still need to choose the right company to work with. Here are a few factors to focus on:

  • Experience and a proven track record – If you’re looking for a company you can trust, it makes sense to focus on those that have years of experience. Opt for a mover who knows the area well and has made many moves in and out of Portland in the past.
  • Truly full-service – Some moving companies may claim to be “full-service” but won’t provide all the services you expect. It’s best to find a moving partner that is ready to help every step of the way, from packing to unpacking.
  • A fair price – It’s easy for homeowners to overpay for moving services, especially if they’re unfamiliar with how much a move should typically cost. The average cost for moving services is close to $1,500, but they can increase. If your quote seems excessive (like $10k or more), the company may be trying to con you.

Enjoy a Stress-Free Move To or From Portland

Whether you’re on your way to Portland or starting a new adventure somewhere else, don’t let the pressures of the move take their toll. Find a reliable moving partner and enjoy a seamless, simple, and stress-free experience from start to finish.