Look no further than a premier Northwest built Stafford Home.  The evergreens, the Pacific Ocean, the rivers, the mountains, the recreation.  All these reasons people are moving to live amongst the natural beauty of the Northwest.  Oregon, in particular, offers an array of outdoor activities in a vast and diversified landscape, where you can be frolicking among the coastlines, then within another few hours’ drive, be enjoying the warm sun in the Eastern desert part of the state.  Oregon offers so much to enrich the lives of those who call it home, so the first question is…

Where do you live?

Portland is known as they largest city commerce and where majority of the job force is located.  Many smaller cities surrounding Portland create cozy suburbs within a reasonable hour-or-so commute time of the city.  There are other cities too, so finding the right neighborhood is the place to start when relocating.

These suburbs are where you can find a Stafford Homes Community.  These are homes for the modern family.  Developed intentionally to have beautiful curbside appeal, the real value of a Stafford Home is how they are built.

Stafford Homes are Move-in Ready, Healthy, Energy Efficient, Perfect for Families.

The difference is a Stafford Home is built 30% above code.  From the frame to finish, homes are third party inspected for unbiased quality assurance.  High-efficiency building techniques through Energy Star Partnership with Energy Star appliances mean Stafford Homes can save you up to 30% on your monthly utility bills.  Also, built more environmentally friendly, saving 5,500 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions yearly.

Framed  with third-party test kilo dried lumber certified to have no more than 12-14% moisture content prevent rain and water rot, while blanket insulation is blown into the walls to fill absolutely every inch possible for highly efficient insulation and sound barrier between rooms.

The difference is a Stafford Home is built 30% above code.

Duct work is strategically placed inside the roof to allow for heating efficiency and Merv-13 air filters, which are very thick and 35-50% more efficient at filtering than code filters, create hospitality quality air.  Windows are wrapped, sealed with hard board insulation above the windows to create a virtually air-tight and highly efficient home.

PEX piping and high-efficiency heat pumps are used to save energy and promote healthier water usage.  All appliances and lighting in homes are energy conscious.  All Stafford built homes are also solar ready for the owner to take advantage of this new energy option.

Visit StaffordHomes.com today and find your next home in one of our communities currently with homes available in Beaver Creek, Canby, Forrest Grove, Sandy and Salem.