Article by: Jason Mueller

How to Ship a Car When Moving to Portland

Portland is a terrific city in which to live. From its fantastic culinary scene to its array of fun things to do, the so-called “City of Roses” has a collection of unique advantages. However, if you’re preparing a move to Portland, you need to think about how you’re going to get all of your possessions, including your car, to your new home.

Shipping a car across the country can seem like quite a challenge at first, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of a trusted shipping partner, like A1 Auto Transport Inc., the whole process becomes much easier. This guide will look at how it all works and what you need to do.

How to Ship Your Car to Portland

There are so many aspects involved when planning a big move to a new city. Not only do you need to find a new home at the right price, but you’ve also got to consider schools for your little ones, neighborhood safety, and so on.

With all of that to deal with you may not want to waste time driving your car hundreds, or even thousands of miles across the country.

So, how do you get your car to Portland? It’s easy: just find a trusted and reliable car shipper to do it for you. With a trusted shipping partner by your side, you won’t need to worry about a thing. They’ll safely load your car onto an open-air or enclosed truck and drive it directly to your destination.

Step 1 – Finding the Right Provider

There are multiple companies that offer to ship vehicles nationwide, but some have much higher standards and better prices. Therefore, instead of simply booking with the first firm you find, it’s wise to take some time to research your options.

Consulting with family and friends or colleagues at work can be a useful way to learn about which companies to trust or avoid; someone you know might have already shipped a car in the past and can make a recommendation.

In addition, online searches and reviews may help you discover the ideal moving partner to take your car safely to Portland at the right price. It’s also worth getting a couple of quotes or estimates from different companies to find the best deal.

Step 2 – Get a Quote and Book the Service

Once you’ve chosen a provider that seems like a good fit, get a quote from them. All good shipping companies should be able to offer you a free quote, and all you have to do is enter some simple details about your vehicle and journey.

There are, however, some factors that will influence the cost of your quote:

  • Distance to travel – One of the first factors that companies will use to work out a price is distance. Naturally, shipping firms will charge more if they need to transport a vehicle a long distance (like from Florida to Portland, Oregon) rather than a short one. On average, cross-country trips may cost over $1,000, while short-haul services will be significantly cheaper.
  • Type of service – There are two main ways that cars tend to be transported: open-air or enclosed. The open-air method involves loading your car onto a truck that doesn’t have any sides or roof to shield the car against weather or debris. Enclosed shipping loads the car into a sealed container, guarded against the elements. As you might expect, enclosed shipping services tend to cost more but will keep your car clean and safe.
  • Car size and weight – Bigger and heavier vehicles use more fuel to transport and take up more space, leading to higher prices.
  • Season – The time of year can have an impact on the cost of your car shipping. Summer and spring are the busiest times of the year with higher prices on average, so you may wish to opt for a fall or winter relocation if you want to save some cash.
  • Time of booking – Typically, companies will give you a better price if you book your move ahead of time (at least a few weeks before). If you book a service just a few days before your relocation, the company may charge a higher price as they’ll have to spend more time and resources making the necessary arrangements.

Step 3 – Preparing Your Vehicle

After booking your car shipping, all you have to do is wait for the workers to arrive and collect your vehicle. They’ll do all the heavy lifting and hard work, but it does help if you can make a few preparations before they arrive.

  • Fuel level – It’s best to not fill up the tank before the car is shipped as this will add to the weight. Instead, leave around one-quarter of the tank full, giving you enough fuel to drive once the vehicle gets to Portland without weighing down the carrier too much.
  • Personal possessions – Go through your vehicle and clear out any personal items you might have left behind, like items in the glove box or electronic gadgets. If you leave anything in the car, there’s a risk it could get damaged or stolen during the journey.
  • Accessories and attachments – You should also take the time to remove any accessories or attachments from the car, such as roof racks and so on. Not only will this keep those items safe from damage, but it’ll also lighten your vehicle, thus making it cheaper and easier to ship.
  • Cleaning – Cleaning your car before shipping can prove to be beneficial, as it will reveal any dents, dings, or scratches that you might not have noticed. This should make it easier for you later, as you’ll need to check your vehicle after arrival in Portland to make sure it survived the trip unscathed. If it has any new damages, you’ll be able to make an insurance claim.

Ship Your Car to Portland Stress-Free

If you’re making the move to Portland, take some of the stress out of the situation; find a trusted car shipping firm and put your vehicle in safe hands. You’ll be able to focus more on packing and transporting your household possessions, and your vehicle will be waiting for you in the “City of Roses” when you arrive.