According to Portland makes most popular city to live list.  Coming in at number ten!  There are many reasons that can be attributed to Portland rising to the top as a popular city to live.   Portland has great livability thanks to their long term urban design plans.  Another factor in Portland popularity is the business climate with growth in technology jobs thanks to Intel and other large technology offices.  Coupled with a low crime rate and a mild climate (great for the outdoor activities) Portland is an ideal place to settle down.

The data sources used by to determine their current rankings were based on Census Bureau migration information (from 2010 – 2014).  This information includes figures on who moved to the metro area versus who moved out of the metro area.  In addition they used their view ratio on  Also used were the population growth estimates for the years of 2015-2017 this information is provided also by the Census.

Here is Portland stacked up:

Migration Ratio:  1.17

Views Ration: 0.74

Growth Ratio: 3.9%


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