Portland Oregon is arguably the Craft Beer Capital of the World.  In Portland alone there are 60-plus breweries that serve some of the most incredible award-winning beers that can be found.  Some are simply breweries producing their products to be purchased at local stores while others have brewpubs so patrons can enjoy a few sips and sample their pub menus.  Below is a list of five great Breweries in Portland you should consider taking a visit to.


10 Barrel Brewing Co.

(Multiple Locations)

Portland OR  / Bend OR

10 Barrel Brewing has a claim to fame and that is being home to some of the best brewpubs in Oregon.  They have 14 taps of seasonal and one-off brews so that everyone is sure to find something to please.  10 Barrel Brewing serves cuisine considered to be an elevated pub fare and promote family-friendly establishments.  Take a free brewery tour in Bend Oregon – RSVP in advance to your arrival.


Deschutes Brewery

(Multiple Locations)
Portland OR  /  Bend OR

Deschutes Brewery invites you to visit their brewery located in Bend Oregon.  This is the home-base of the award-winning brews concocted by Deschutes Brewery.  Visit any of their pubs located across Oregon and enjoy the beers they keep on tap and partake in some of the fine menu options they serve to patrons.  Deschutes Brewery supplies both seasonal and year-round brews along with a few specialty series of their beers.


Ground Breaker Brewing

2030 SE 7th Avenue
Portland OR 97214

Ground Breaker Brewery is a Portland area brewery that serves up some of the finest gluten-free option brews that are available.  Not only are their beers gluten-free but the food that is enjoyed at their gastropub is also a 100% gluten-free menu.   Take a tour of their brewery by calling 503-974-4467 or ask your gastropub server for the details.  Ground Breaker Brewery is a kid-friendly brewery.


The Commons Brewery

630 SE Belmont St.
Portland OR 97214

The Commons Brewery located in Portland began in their founder Mike Wright’s garage.  Today the Commons Brewery has grown tremendously.  Visit their location on SE Belmont and enjoy any of their 13 beers they have on tap.  12 of the 13 pour their regular beers with one changing periodically for the guest tap.  Tasting room hours as Monday-Sunday noon to 10 at night.


Von Ebert Brewing – East

14021 NE Glisan St.
Portland OR 97203

They brew on a custom 7bbl system built by JVNW in Canby OR. Their Eastside brewery is dedicated to the production of farmhouse-styles wild ales and long-term aged sours. To bring the funk they employ the use of foeders puncheons and a coolship that they have dubbed the “SS Rad Boat.” These tools are used in addition to their stainless steel brewing vessels. You will also find many of their award winning Pearl Brewery beers on tap here also.


Von Ebert Brewing – Pearl 

131 NW 13th Ave.
Portland OR 97209

Von Ebert Brewing is locally owned and operated. Owner Tom S Cook named the brewery after his Great Grandmother Ebert. She was the guiding force to his immigrant family when they came from Germany to the United States.  They call their cuisine; Elevated American Pub food and they strive to craft our beer to be inspirational.  If it doesn’t inspire us then they don’t release it! They believe that craft is not just a description for beer. They brew on an American made custom 10bbl brew house built by JVNW in Canby Oregon.  Typically they make about 100 different styles per year and their draft list changes about every 3 or 4 days.


Photo Credit & Copyright: kjekol / 123RF