Moving to Portland can be tremendously stressful.  While you plan on moving to Portland, you may include a visit to scope out your new stomping grounds.

Here is a list of things to consider when moving to Portland:

  • Contact your Realtor.  This is extremely critical because your Realtor will be able to help you schedule home viewings and find areas that are best for you and your family. check out our list in the realtor directory
  • Make sure that the homes you wish to tour will be available for your appointment especially if you make a trip over a holiday.
  • Grab a rental car and see what your commute to your employer will be like.  This will help you to decide what proximity you feel comfortable with in regards to where your job is located.
  • Moving to Portland with children?  Get information on the schools.  Especially if you feel you may send your children to a private school – this would be a good time to schedule a walk through.
  • Take the time to tour the area and find what healthcare facilities are close by.
  • Plan some activities for your family to do.  Finding some fun things for the kids to do will not only keep them busy but also ease their minds about their new hometown.
  • Set reasonable expectations with your Realtor on moving to Portland.   Setting a standard and timeline out the gate will help the Realtor help you so that time is not wasted on your trip.

Making a schedule when visiting Portland prior to your move will cut down on time confusion and most importantly stress!

Research your trip about moving to Portland by ordering a copy of the Portland Relocation Guide.   Here you can find valuable information on Realtors communities homes education and so much more.