How you feel affects who you are what you aspire to be and what you can achieve. And how you’re treated affects how you feel.  The Portland Clinic Oregon’s oldest private multispecialty medical group is committed to treating people in the community with trust kindness and understanding.

“We work hard to find out where you’re coming from and what’s most important to you and your family” said Dick Clark CEO The Portland Clinic. “We simply believe that healthcare is better when it’s built on relationships trust collaboration and understanding.”

At The Portland Clinic that means asking good questions and paying close attention to each patient’s answers. Creating a team of experts who embody Portland’s engaged open-minded vitality. And developing thoughtful collaborative ways to serve patients and achieve extraordinary results.

Chris Hyun Gastroenterologist at The Portland Clinic believes that the first step to building a relationship with his patients is to really listen. “I give them time to talk” said Hyun which is the key to understanding their needs. “Patients will tell you what’s wrong but you have to listen.”

Treating People like Family

Serving the community also means staying in tune with Portland’s growth and adjusting where doctors and nurses practice based on population changes. Throughout its history the physical footprint of The Portland Clinic has evolved to meet the needs of the patients it serves. With the city’s population on the rise the clinic’s leadership has looked for ways to extend its reach.

“Portland’s population is expanding rapidly. We’re seeing growing demand for our medical services throughout the city and we want to position our services in convenient locations to serve current and new residents” said Clark. To help achieve this objective The Portland Clinic recently broke ground on a visionary new health and wellness center in Northeast Portland. Upon completion in summer 2018 the 32000-square-foot facility will include modern medical facilities a new retail concept and nutrition center from the founder of Pacific Foods and educational resources from Concordia University Portland.

Inspired by the optimistic good-natured and adventurous people who make this community such a great place to live The Portland Clinic team focuses on building collaborative relationships that help patients live the good life Portland-style. With sophisticated medical technology modern spacious facilities and dynamic medical specialists this personal approach to each patient’s good health remains The Portland Clinic’s primary focus. The Portland Clinic’s six locations serve the greater Portland metropolitan area and care for more than 90000 patients each year throughout the Northwest.

“It is a privilege to serve the people of Portland and we are committed to providing the most thoughtful forward-thinking collaborative healthcare in the area” Clark said.

To learn more visit or call 503-223-3113.