How and where you recycle, dispose of trash and compost can look different depending on where you live. What stays the same is your right to participate. The collection system depends on whether you buy or rent and whether there are multiple units in your building or property.  To make things easy, here is a list of  recycling and garbage resources for Portland Residents.

Moving Resources

Planning before you pack helps ensure that you don’t bring items you no longer need or want with you. Travel lighter:

  • Locate free moving boxes online: Craigslist Freecycle and Nextdoor
  • Find new homes for reusable items in good condition at consignment stores and donation centers.
  • Consider having a garage sale or post free items online.
  • If you rent talk with the landlord about setting out large or bulky items and extra garbage for collection. There is a fee for these services.
  • Electronic waste such as computers monitors and TVs cannot be disposed of in the garbage in Oregon: check with Oregon E-Cycles.
  • Hazardous waste such as paint chemicals and cleaners go to a local household hazardous waste disposal site.

Residential collection resouces

Residential service includes garbage, recycling and food scrap collection for homeowners or renters in one to four units (single-family duplex triplex fourplex). Landlords are required to provide and pay for curbside collection service for renters of any building size. Within Portland residential curbside collection service includes weekly composting and recycling and every other week garbage collection.

Each cart plays a part

  • Garbage is collected every-other-week for most residential customers and every-four-weeks for some customers by request.
  • You have options! Right size your garbage container to fit your household’s needs with one of four sizes available.
  • Mix paper plastic and metal together in the blue Portland Recycles! roll cart.
  • Keep glass bottles and jars separate in a yellow recycling bin.
  • Include the food! Collect food scraps while preparing meals scraping plates and cleaning the fridge of leftovers and add it to the green Portland Composts! roll cart along with yard debris.
  • 70% of what is collected is recycled or composted!

Take the guesswork out of garbage day!

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We’re here to help you make the most of your curbside system.


Multifamily collection resources

If you’re new to Portland there’s a good chance you’re renting an apartment buying a condo or living in some type of multifamily community with five or more units.  As a resident information and resources are available free of charge and include:

  • how and where to dispose of garbage and recycling
  • what items can be recycled
  • where to take things that don’t belong in the garbage or recycling
  • who to contact with questions

Contact the property owner manager or the City of Portland for free information and resources.


For additional resources and questions about items not accepted at your building? Ask Metro.