The Public School Districts was founded in 1851. With more than 49,000 students in 81 schools, it is the largest school district in the Pacific Northwest.   Currently, the Portland Public Schools enrolls approximately 84% of the city’s school age children.   In light of the growth in Portland. the district has formed committees to ensure each school is equipped to welcome new students.

Mission and Teaching for the Future

The mission of the Portland Public School district is, “Every student by name prepared for college, career and participation as an active community member, regardless of race, income of zip code.”

The Portland Public School District has made substantial gains in student graduation rates.  Through bonds, the districts are working on building improvements to older structures and committing to learning for the 21st century.

PPSD is committed to providing the best possible education for its students.   For example,  the Clarendon Regional Early Learning Academy focuses on early childhood education for low income families.  The center also provides classes in Spanish and Native American to accomodate students.   In addition,  in a n effort to compete with private schools new language immersion programs are not offered.  Students can take full immersion classes in Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, and Vietnamese.  Additionally, the district is expanding its career and technical education partnerships.

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