Portland International Airport (PDX) is more than just an airport for the Rose City—it’s a true point of pride. In fact, Travel + Leisure surveys have named it the number one airport in the United States six out of the past 10 years with travelers benefiting from its variety of amenities transportation options and available domestic and international flights. The airport serves Portland and Vancouver Washington. Find out why PDX is one of the nations best!

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A part of the city’s culture
PDX is perhaps best known among Portlanders for its carpet.  Unfortunately, it has been ripped out and replaced after nearly 20 years of use. The reason the carpet was so popular was its design.   It featured a pattern depicting an outline of the airport’s runways as they appear to air traffic controllers high above in the PDX tower at night. Over the years the carpet has become one of the highlights of visiting the airport with many travelers taking the time to take photos of their feet with PDX carpet as the backdrop.

As crews began tearing up the carpet in early 2015 the Port of Portland (the agency overseeing the airport) has made recycled portions of it available to local retailers schools and even museums. Fortunately the new carpet features a reimagined design somewhat similar to the old—and travelers have generally approved of it.

Getting to and from PDX
Travelers love PDX for how easy it is to get to and from the airport. The TriMet MAX Red light rail line runs right up to the arrivals and baggage claim.  Travelers can  hop on the train and head to downtown Portland or just about anywhere else they’d like to go without having to rent a car.

On the other hand, if you would like to use a vehicle the airport is highly accessible.  And unlike airports in other areas, PDX is relatively close to the city. In fact, when there’s no traffic it can take as little as 20 minutes to get from the airport to downtown Portland.

If you need to grab a ride there are a few unique options available to travelers. One is Wingz.  A ride-sharing service beginning in 2016.  Trained drivers use their own vehicles to provide rides to and from the airport. There’s also EcoShuttle, a more typical shuttle service for groups that has a fleet of eco-friendly biodiesel vehicles.

Shops and restaurants
PDX has also become well known for its amenities with a variety of shops and restaurants. This includes local favorites Burgerville, Elephants, Delicatessen and Laurelwood Public House along with a couple of food carts. There are also staples like Panda Express, McDonald’s and Starbucks. In early 2015 the Port of Portland announced that 10 new restaurants would come to the airport terminal including those serving Vietnamese, sushi, pizza and seafood.

For those on a long layover there are several great shops to browse at PDX including Columbia Sportswear, Pendleton, Woolen Mills, Powell’s Books and Made in Oregon.  The latter of which offers locally made products.

With all PDX has to offer it’s no surprise that is it one of the nations best.  It truly makes traveling a little easier and more enjoyable for all.