If you’re reading this you must be thinking about making a move to Portland believe us you’re not alone.  We’ve worked with hundreds of families moving for a new job or to start a new life in the Pacific Northwest.  As you consider your options you’re making the decision whether you’ll buy a home or rent when you get here.  With rents on the rise and vacancy at all time lows the market can be tough to navigate from afar.   If you are looking to rent in Portland, here are three pointers on how to conduct an efficient successful rental search.

First identify your budget.  Are you moving from an area with a higher or lower cost of living?  Have you checked out what average rent looks like in different areas of Portland?  Think about whether or not you expect to pay more or less for the same type of housing.  Before you rent in Portland, we recommend using Craigslist for the most up to date property information and pricing.

Next choose a location.  Have you ever been to Portland before?  What have you heard about the city?  Do you know anyone who lives here and can you ask them for their opinion on neighborhoods?  Use Google Maps and look at commute times to and from work to your desired neighborhood.  Use GreatSchools to read about school ratings and see if your budget gets you the property you desire.  Try to narrow your neighborhood search before you rent in Portland, choose  one or two areas to create efficiency and compare rent “apples to apples.”

Finally be prepared to move fast!  Book a home finding trip three or four weeks before your desired move-in date and set as many appointments as you can to view properties in the same day.  Bring your ID, checkbook, offer letter and any other important documents so you can apply on the spot!  Don’t wait until the next day for someone else to come along and rent it before you do.

Although it seems like too much to rent in Portland, we can help you with this process.   Don’t hesitate to reach out to Sprout Tours.  We specialize in custom rental tours and can help guide you through the neighborhoods property search and application process.  We can show any property any neighborhood on any budget.

Let Sprout Tours be the first to welcome you to the Rose City!