Whether You Work from Home or are Starting a Business, Forest Grove offers Unbeatable Opportunities for Both

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that spending time with our family and friends, and the freedom to shop, eat out and travel, shouldn’t be taken for granted. Simple acts of human connection – a birthday party, a spontaneous meal out – have become much more precious and have prompted us to reprioritize our quality of life, both personal and professional.

So this begs the question: How important is location? If living close to work is no longer a constraint…if running a business from a storefront facing four lanes of traffic brings more misery than success…why endure the increasing turmoil of life in a large urban center when you can live and work somewhere like Forest Grove, which provides a more optimum balance of urban services, peaceful neighborhoods and a strong retail market? Why not live or establish a business in a vibrant, growing small city offering a full package of high-quality business requisites – robust broadband internet, low-cost utilities – along with safe, affordable, family-oriented neighborhoods and a walkable retail core?

Forest Grove, population 25,500, grew more than 20 percent in the last decade, making it one of Oregon’s fastest growing cities. But that growth has not come at the cost of an enviable lifestyle.  We have a low crime rate, clean streets and no traffic jams (except at coffee shop drive-thrus). We have good schools, many youth sports leagues and well-maintained parks (including one for dogs). Our historic and recently renovated downtown is filled with unique shops and a shockingly diverse mix of eateries. An abundance of entertainment venues, which attract locals and visitors alike, include fun-filled community events (an annual chalk festival, farmers’ markets), scenic bicycle routes, and dozens of wineries and breweries, as well as nearby access to some of Oregon’s finest natural areas (lakes, mountains, the ocean). And we are a college town – home to Pacific University, the top private research university in the Pacific Northwest.

The city’s many amenities – and location adjacent to a larger urban center, state highways and an international airport – also offer unique opportunities for entrepreneurs.  It doesn’t matter if you are bricks-and-mortar based or online, a retailer or service provider, commercial or industrial. We have affordable and available commercial space and industrial land. Our taxes, labor and utility costs are lower than most jurisdictions. We have a well-educated, highly skilled local and regional work force. And we offer services and incentives to help you establish and grow your business. Given our pro-business environment, it is not surprising that Forest Grove jobs grew 22 percent between 2010 and 2019.

Despite our ongoing growth, we have room for and welcome more. Call or visit us at City Hall for more information on doing business in Forest Grove, all the advantages of locating here, available sites and buildings, and incentives and financing programs.