As the beauty lifestyle industry continues to grow European Wax Center (EWC) the largest waxing company in the U.S. continues to thrive with over 650 open centers. As the leader in the out-of-home waxing market EWC believes that revealing beautiful skin is the first step to revealing your best self. Whether you dress bolder speak louder or chase your dreams harder after a day of pampering at one of their centers EWC strives to ensure every guest no longer walks but struts out feeling unapologetically confident.

“What sets us apart from our competitors is that we’re not what we remove but what we leave behind. No matter who you are when you walk into one of our centers we are going to reveal your beautiful skin. And you are going to strut out of our centers and share that message with the world” says David Coba CEO & Founder.

EWC is admired by over 12 million guests annually for their exclusive 4 Steps to Gorgeous® process using their all-natural proprietary COMFORT WAX® a hard wax applied at a warm luxurious-bath-water temperature. Their innovative Strut 365™ line of brow body and skincare products are designed to complement their services to maintain beautiful skin every day. Unique products like their Browfection™ Tinted Brow Builder in the Strut Boldly™ collection also further reinforces EWC as the Expert in Eyebrows. EWC’s products and services enable everyone to feel pampered confident and beautiful in their own skin.

They recommend maintaining a year-round waxing schedule that can actually weaken roots and slow hair regrowth resulting in fewer ingrown hairs and smoother skin. The benefits of waxing increase the more you do it with the results lasting longer.

As a woman-centric brand EWC is using their scale and position to lead a social movement to raise awareness for the unjust Pink Tax with their Ax the Pink Tax™ campaign. On average female consumers pay an additional $1351 more than male consumers annually for everyday products and services simply because the items are marketed to women and EWC finds that outrageous.  They want to be part of helping to level the playing field and this movement is part of the brand’s mission to inspire women to be authentic and unapologetically confident in everything they do.

Finally if you are a first-time guest your first wax is free. Yes free. Making an appointment is easy–either call one of their centers in the Portland area or download their easy-to-use app.