There is so much to do, see and eat in Portland.  Especially when there are year round opportunities to explore the beauty of Oregon’s mountains, rivers, waterfalls, beaches, wine country and desert.  One of the easiest cities in the country to spend time outdoors, Portland boasts plenty outdoor recreation activities, all within a couple of hours drive in any direction.

Often referred to as “America’s most European city” and named the #1 Greenest City in America by Travel and Leisure for 2015, Stumptown blends its hyper-mindful brand of environmentalism and sustainable eating with a deep love of nature.

Eat in Portland – Farm to table

Portland is a walker’s delight and rocks a progressive vibe celebrating the arts counter-culture and a discerning palate.  Artisan coffee, beer, wine and spirits flow as does all things DIY.  To eat in Portland means farm fresh produce, free range meat and dairy available at many neighborhood farmers markets.  Stretch your legs while you take in Portland’s vibrant art scene at First (or Last) Thursday’s art walks.

Whether you’re walking, biking or simply using Portland’s mass transit system, you’ll find it’s easy to get around Portland, without the use of your car. Which might be one of the reasons Forbes named Portland one of America’s 10 Healthiest Cities.  Additionally, Sunset Magazine named Portland The Best Place to Ditch Your Car.

Love to commune with nature? With 17000 acres of regional parks and natural areas you can  take advantage of all Bridgetown’s backyard. Portland sits nestled in the shadows of an old growth forest that provides stunning views of Mt. Hood from all around the metro area.   It is also home to the country’s largest urban forest Forest Park.

Birds & Salmon

With over 209 types of regularly visible bird species, streams full of salmon and other native species it’s no wonder why Portlanders share a deep respect for nature.  As a result,  many environmental education and nature programs by Portland Parks and Recreation and the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Departments are so popular.

Enjoy the roar of the crowd? Take your pick of spectator sports.  Portland is home to the NBA, WHL, MLS, minor league baseball, arena football, horse racing and  roller derby.

Hit the  37-acre Tom McCall Waterfront Park located on the banks of the Willamette River.  Activities include a picturesque run to the excitement of Portland’s 100+ year Rose Festival tradition.  Get your groove on to the sounds of the Waterfront Blues Festival or even join an impromptu drum circle as you peruse the eclectic Portland Saturday Market.  For a more serious turn visit the beautiful and meaningful Japanese American Historical Plaza for a sip of Portland history.

Whatever you are looking to eat in Portland or just simply play, Portland’s guaranteed to come in your flavor.