Moving to Portland is a great choice!  The laid back lifestyle, endless outdoor activities and great food welcomed you with open arms.  Now, onto to finding a job in Portland that fits your skill set and way of life.

Major industries in Portland

Portland is know for the following industries.

  • High Tech
  • Manufacturing
  • Athletic & Outdoor Apparel
  • Healthcare
  • Wholesale Trade
  • Software IT

Finding a job in Portland is often a few clicks away.  However, for those looking for their next career, networking with the right crowd might be the way to go.  Either way, keep your options open and know your worth.

Below is a short list of employment sites one can explore to find open employment positions in the Portland area.  However, it is not  an all-inclusive but a springboard to finding a job in Portland.  A good strategy would be to visit several employment sites.  While researching companies, be sure look for qualities that are better than money.  For instance, look for a company that displays passion for it’s employees, customers and products.   In addition, the follow list will guide you as you search for your dream job in Portland.

  1. Passion
  2. Location – consider commute times
  3. Workplace – are there good vibes
  4. Work/Life Balance – it’s important
  5. Job Title
  6. Company Culture – look for inspiration
  7. Opportunities
  8. Recognition
  9. Colleagues
  10. Salary

Finding a Job in Portland

Now that you have a road map to use when you are looking for a job in Portland, narrowing down companies is next.  It’s important to remember that most companies have a Careers or Work with Us page.  In that case, you are able to apply directly from their site.  However, for a more comprehensive look at who is hiring, the Portland Relocation Guide suggests the below resources.

Employment Resources
Mac’s List shares hundreds of real local Portland jobs.  Find open jobs learn about the Portland job market and connect with local career resources.
For the latest tech job openings check out Portland Tech Jobs. You’ll see evidence of the hot tech scene with thousands of Portland area tech jobs from hundreds of local companies.
The jobs section of Portland’s predominant news publication The Oregonian allows job seekers to search by industry skill company and more.
WorkSource Oregon is a statewide group dedicated to stimulating job growth by connecting businesses and workers through a network of public and private partners.
Powered by DirectEmployers Association this site has a focus on recruiting and hiring the top talent in the state of Oregon through a wide variety of careers and opportunities.
Jobdango is a locally owned and operated site that matches Northwest companies with jobseekers where users can search by keyword company job title or category as well as post a resume.
A very comprehensive national employment site which can be used for city-specific searches.
Usually associated with buying and selling goods Craig’s List is often an overlooked source of employment opportunities. It may not be flashy but it can offer local opportunities not found on other sites.
Another well-equipped and well-organized national employment site.
An easy-to-use site one need only type in a city and state or zip code to gain access to region-specific jobs. The company behind also organizes and hosts periodic job fairs.
This is a family of area-specific jobs sites encompassing the entire nation. This site servicing the Portland area is