Cornerstone Christian Academy

7708 NE 78th Street
Vancouver WA 98662

Cornerstone Christian Academy is an independent nondenominational Christian school in Vancouver and is one of the pioneers of Christian education in Clark County started in 1982. Cornerstone is one of the most technologically advanced Christian schools in the nation which enables it to educate and prepare tomorrow’s Christ centered students to lead from a Biblical worldview. Cornerstone offers programs in Early Childhood Education (infant through preschool) Elementary School (kindergarten through 5th grades) and Middle School (6th – 8th grades). Cornerstone is currently in the planning and development stages of a highly technologically advanced high school which will operate like a university. Every Cornerstone student receives their own personal laptop or iPad. Classrooms have been modeled after the “Classroom of the Future” at Stanford University’s Wallenberg Center. Classrooms have multiple displays (LCDs and Screens) and mobile furniture for easy collaboration. Cornerstone invests over 50 hours annually to train its teachers with the latest research on accelerating learning and the use of technology. The focus of the technology is not on the technology itself but on how the technology can further support the student’s learning goals and spiritual growth.