For individuals who have non-life threatening medical needs, urgent care can be a less expensive alternative to an ER.  These clinics are growing in popularity both in the Portland area and across the country as they allow access to quality care in a quick and cost-effective manner.   It’s important to understand urgent care and when to use it.

The doctors at urgent care clinics commonly treat issues like sprains and strains small wounds fevers influenza skin infections urinary tract infections and dehydration along with providing diagnostic services like lab tests and X-rays.

On the other hand these clinics are not typically ideal for less-urgent needs such as colds general aches and pains and routine exams. For these matters it’s probably best to consult a primary care physician. After all urgent care staff members are unlikely to know you as well as your usual provider.

Urgent care clinics are playing a role in disrupting the healthcare industry and how patients address serious medical issues without turning to the emergency room. They offer convenience and relatively affordable rates. Because of this there are numerous urgent care locations in Portland and Vancouver—and the number continues to grow.

Be sure to check out all the urgent care options

Before you head to the emergency room consider the numerous urgent care centers available in the Portland metro area. These clinics and their skilled healthcare practitioners could be able to help you in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.