Managing employee relocations internally is a daunting task!  Yet the resulting stress and worry disappears when employers choose to partner with Archibald Relocation as their relocation management company.  Archibald Relocation has the expertise to guide and assist Talent Acquisition Human Resources and Payroll as they work together to seamlessly provide meaningful services and benefits to the transferring employee and their family … all while staying IRS compliant. Let us expand on our value as we describe the benefits of using a relocation specialist, like Archibald Relocation.

Time & Energy

The first thing you will notice when working with Archibald Relocation is how much time and energy we save you each day. No matter how many employees you move working with us as a strong partner that manages your relocation processes saves you both time and energy. At Archibald Relocation we manage your employee’s vendors and expenses saving you and your team from the continual headache of sorting through receipts auditing against budgets and managing vendors. All while coordinating the vital destination services that come with every move. Our team of experienced professionals will continually prove beneficial to you as we save you and your team both time and resources that can be put to better use in other areas.

Payroll & Tax Savings

Another important benefit of partnering with Archibald Relocation as your relocation management company is found in the payroll and tax savings we provide. Choosing us to manage all of the expenses pay invoices promptly and categorize relocation expenses by taxable and non-taxable items saves your company and employees thousands of dollars and results in immense savings over time for your company. In addition tax summaries of corporate relocation expenses are provided at year end to both the company and the employee. We believe that our meaningful services and dedication to your bottom line far outweigh our fees when compared with the payroll and tax savings continually provided to you.

High Touch Support for Your Employees

The BIGGEST benefit of choosing Archibald Relocation to manage our employee moves is the experience and resources we provide to your employees when they have questions or need assistance. When an employee is tasked with moving there are countless things on their mind; their budget moving companies real estate agents mortgage companies title companies service providers schools neighborhoods and family. The list goes on and on. Archibald Relocation is always high touch and available to explain the process and talk through benefits as we manage everything that is on your employee’s mind. This caring dedication to excellence and service will prove to be one of the most valuable things gained from our relationship.  With the weight of these tasks on our shoulders your employee stays stress free with the time and energy to refocus and be successful in their new position and location.

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Beth Archibald is the Founder of Archibald Relocation & Real Estate Services and has been involved in the relocation industry since 1984. Beth served as the Worldwide ERC President in 2005 and is a recipient of the Worldwide ERC “Hall of Leaders” award and a two time recipient of the WERC President’s Award for co-authoring the WERC Brokers Market Analysis. Beth has served as the President and Chairman of the Relocation Directors Council a nationwide organization of relocation directors and is currently the 2014-15 President of the Portland Relocation Council. Beth holds her SCRP and SGMS Worldwide ERC designations and is a member of the Portland Board of Realtors. Beth is renowned nationwide as a trainer author and speaker.