Welcome to Portland! There’s so much to love in your new city. To help you get acquainted please the ABC’s of Portland, things newcomers need to know.


A is for Artisanal. Whatever you’re in the market for you’ll find a lovingly handmade version of it here.

B is for Book Spree. Portland is home to the world’s largest independent bookstore and the world’s happiest bookworms.

C is for Carabiner Keychain. Hook one to your belt loop and boom: great new home for your keys.

D is for Dogs Dogs Dogs. If your favorite friends are furry you’ll make lots of new ones here.

E is for Espresso Art. At a fancy coffee shop the barista might just grace the foam of your drink with a tree or heart.

F is for Football. Not that one the other one. The Timbers and Thorns (and their legions of fanatical fans) make this Soccer City USA.

G is for Glorious Sunshine. Summer is all blue skies and perfect days. It goes by fast so make the most of it!

H is for Honey Bees. If you aspire to urban beekeeping the city will happily issue you a permit.

I is for Island (Specifically Sauvie). Just North of town Sauvie Island is an oasis of kettle corn and hay rides.

J is for Jokes. Portland has lots of places (including an annual comedy festival) to watch people be funny into microphones.

K is for Keep it Weird. You won’t find a more supportive city for your offbeat hobby collection or art project.

L is for Like So Many Trees. Make a peaceful day of it with a book and a blanket in one of over 280 leafy public parks.

M is for Mid Century. A famous design style you’ll find in abundance in Portland’s vintage stores.

N is for Neighborhood. Alberta Hawthorne Sellwood St. Johns et. al. They’re all great so try them all!

O is for Over a Bridge. It’s always where stuff on the other side of town is. Fortunately you can choose any of nine great options to get there.

P is for Pale. It’s often gray and rainy here. Real talk: Invest in vitamin D supplements.

Q is for Quench. What you can do to your thirst for amazing local beers (provided you’re of legal age of course).

R is for Roses. Portland is the City of Roses. We celebrate our signature flower with gardens societies festivals and parades.

S is for Saturday Market. Every weekend you’ll find a delightful menagerie of local craftspeople performers and food vendors.

T is for Trucks. Where some of our tastiest food comes from!

U is for Underground. Take a tour of the infamous tunnels that connect the city to the docks on the Willamette River.

V is for Vistas. Go on hikes and collect them all!

W is for Waterproof. What all your shoes and jackets will be from now on.

X is for X-Shaped. The Ladd’s Addition neighborhood (a fun one to wander around) is arranged in a big elegant “X.”

Y is for Yeti. Interested in monster hunting? Welcome to the reputed stomping grounds of Bigfoot.

Z is for Zesty Zucchini. Which you’ll find in Portland’s farmer’s markets along with crunchy fennel and resplendent chard.

Have fun! (Maybe we can help.)

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