Tucked between suburban Portland and Oregon’s acclaimed wine country Sherwood has fantastic schools affordable homes and strong job opportunities.

The first people to live in here were the Tualatin Indians. The first wagon train arrived in Oregon in 1843 and by 1853 Sherwood was being settled by farmers. They built their houses from the logs felled from the forest which once covered the area. They grew nearly everything they needed. Twice a year they took the three day journey into Portland for staples like salt sugar and syrup.

Established in the late 1800’s and for many years was a farming and manufacturing community. In 1911 within the city limits were one square mile and a population of 350. Today the population is over 18900 and the city limits have expanded to four and a half square miles. Over the last two decades Sherwood has been one of the fastest growing communities in the state. With a population of 3093 in 1990 and population of 11791 in 2000 Sherwood continued to grow at a 2.56% annual clip over the past decade.

Despite this record growth the city has managed to maintain a first rate quality of life for its residents through a unique park and recreation system a great school system and a revived central business district — Old Town.

Catering to Families

Sherwood is a community of relatively young stable up and coming families.  Average household size is 2.80 persons per household compared to 2.64 in Washington County and 2.51 statewide. Over 20% of Sherwood residents are under 10 years old compared to less than 14% for Washington County and 13% statewide. Owner occupied homes makes up 78% of Sherwood housing units compared to 60% in Washington County and 64% statewide. The median age in Sherwood is 32.1 compared to 34.5 in Washington County and 38.2 statewide.

With the growth comes thriving business and modern amenities — all amongst the small town charm and friendliness that defines Sherwood. Sherwood boasts a thriving farmers market a 15000 square foot Center for the Arts (which houses a gallery classes and performances) and many festivals throughout the year.

City: 503-625-5522

Chamber of Commerce: 503-625-7800