A city invested in being green Portland prides itself on its biker-friendly reputation. With bicycle parking corrals throughout the city (its 1600+ on-street bicycle parking spaces far exceeds the number in any other U.S. city) and just about everything you can imagine being deliverable by bike from pizza to mattresses Portlanders take biking seriously…well and sometimes not so seriously. Keep an eye out for the clowns that routinely cruise the city streets on super tall or uniquely-designed bikes. Portland also takes part in the annual World Naked Bike Ride part of Pedalpalooza.

But Portland isn’t just big on bicycles as a way of life — they’re also in it for the sport. The Grand Prix of Portland a professional cycling event is slated to debut in the summer of 2016. It is also host to the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic (STP) an annual 1-2 day 200-mile ride considered to be among the ten biggest recreational bicycle rides in the US. Every September Cycle Oregon hosts “the best bike ride in America” — a seven-day excursion through a different part of Oregon each year.



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